• Animoto is a web hosted slide show tool that produces unique slide shows the user can choreograph to the music of their choice
  • Users can create unlimited 30 second videos for free. There are other options that start at 5 dollars per month
  • Easy to use because users simply upload photos and music and the program adds transitions timed to the music

Grade Level

  • 4-12

Fear Factor

  • Easy


Applications (How can teachers and students use this educational technology?)

  • Students can build slideshows and videos to demonstrate understanding of learning outcomes
  • Teachers or coaches can build slideshows and videos and present at year end ceremonies
  • Build presentations to motivate students for field trips or school wide events using photos from the previous year
  • Give your players on a sports team a going away present with a summary of the year

Exemplars (Add links, screenshots and or embed video of work)