• Classroom 2.0 is a social network intended to help teachers integrate Web 2.0 social media into their practice. It is very supportive and rich in resources in almost all subject areas. The site is totally free but does require you to complete a membership
  • Allows you to pose questions in a worldwide forum
  • Once the question is posed members can reply with solutions and direction to the posed question
  • Teachers can get together and collaborate in private rooms and talk about material and resources
  • Can also attend webinars that are sent out via invites/emails

Fear Factor

  • Easy

Grade Level

  • 3 to 12


Applications (How can teachers and students use this educational technology?)

  • Keep your teaching practice up to date for free
  • Bounce ideas off teachers from other countries
  • Get answers to questions from teachers around the world
  • Stay educated and motivated by watching webinars and recordings
  • Be apart of an online broadcast about technology in the classroom
  • Don't depend on your school to set up the perfect professional development workshops, do it yourself

Exemplars (Add links, screenshots and or embed video of work)