• Free service
  • Education package has a few more options
  • Similar to facebook and has a similar template
  • Secure social learning network for teacher and students
  • Option to sharepoint sights
  • Can post homework, photos, assignments, collect work
  • Can create groups for students to work in

Fear Factor

  • Easy- moderate

Grade Level

  • 4 to 12


Applications (How can teachers and students use this educational technology?)

  • Send messages just like Facebook to your students and their parents
  • Create groups of contacts such as classes, teams, extra-curricular clubs
  • Send students homework, web links
  • Have students submit homework
  • Students can create groups with other students to work on projects together (they can share files when not in class)
  • Embed multimedia to use in your teaching lessons or for students to watch or listen to as homework
  • Create a professional development teacher learning team and communicate ideas and information without having to meet in person