• The goal of google books is to digitize all of the text in the world
  • Free with gmail account
  • Can search for book much like any library
  • You have the option sometimes to preview the book
  • Sometimes you can have full text
  • Good use for humanities classes or libraries doing lit circles

Fear Factor

  • Easy

Grade Level

  • 4 to 12


Applications (How can teachers and students use this educational technology?)

  • Find rare books without having to go to libraries around the world
  • Search within books easily using text searches
  • Embed a Google Books Search Bar onto your website so that students can search while doing homework assignments
  • If you are worried about what sites might come up on Google searches of the world wide web then this could be a safer option
  • Find free books to use as resources in the classroom
  • Download teacher resource guides for free
  • Read short stories online with students

Exemplars (Add links, screenshots and or embed video of work)