• Free tool for download
  • Is a big file that uses a lot of local memory
  • Very powerful tool that shows any region of the earth
  • Can zoom into street level
  • Great for use in Socials and mathematics or for researching topographical areas
  • Kids really buy into using the program

Fear Factor:

  • Easy-Moderate

Grade Level:

  • 4 and up


Creative ideas:

Applications (How can teachers and students use this educational technology?)

  • Go to Google Earth for Educatorsfor more ideas
  • Create a virtual tour for free
  • Explore the animal kingdom and endangered species
  • Build accurate maps for school events and field trips
  • Front load geography, history, literature, and astronomy lessons
  • Interact with real-life current events as they happen
  • Measure the tallest buildings or mountains in the world with the rule tool

Exemplars (Add links, screenshots and or embed video of work)