• Free online up to 32 participants
  • Can create polls via text messaging or from their website
  • Multiple ways to ask questions: multiple choice, short answer, etc
  • Quick way to check for understanding
  • Great way to do review prior to evaluation
  • Engaging for students due to texting novelty

Fear Factor

  • Moderate / Difficult

Grade Level

  • Elementary, Middle, Secondary


Applications (How can teachers and students use this educational technology?)

  • Can be used as a follow up check for level of understanding or retention of materials learned
  • Teachers can use the service for feedback on how well their lessons are reaching their students
  • Give students a choice of activites or ways to learn a certain topic
  • Teacher the class how referendums work
  • Get every students opinion on a questions not just the extroverts
  • Students can use it as a method to present student voice

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