URL (Web Address)


  • Allows teachers to create account so they can make playlists of videos for their students
  • It can help organize videos you want to use in presentations and videos student have submitted as assignments
  • Make sharing with other teachers easier
  • Free access

Grade Level

  • Elementary, Middle, Secondary

Fear Factor

  • Moderate

Tutorials (Add links or embed videos)

Applications (How can teachers and students use this educational technology?)

  • Create specific play lists for each subject or chapter
  • Capture and save student projects
  • Tape lessons and share with other teachers
  • Have students create their own play lists to dig deeper into subject material
  • Differentiate instruction with play lists that have videos for students with different levels of ability
  • Use as a review for tests
  • Create youtube stations in your classroom so some students can watch videos while you are working with others
  • Create quizes to accompany videos
  • Flip your classroom - have students watch lectures and videos for homework and practice the material in class

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