• This is a free website that allows users to download online videos so that they can be stored on the users computer hard drive
  • Downloaded files are send directly to the email address of your choice
  • The benefit of this is that you are unaffected by slow internet connections when showing videos or larger files (think lag time)
  • Files that are not supported on school computers can easily and quickly be converted to support learning
  • They can also be shared using data sticks and external hard drives
  • Common files that people convert are: photos/images, video, pc/mac documents (powerpoint/keynote and word/Microsoft works)

Fear Factor

  • Easy

Grade Level

  • All


Applications (How can teachers and students use this educational technology?)

  • Never rely on that horrible internet connection at you school again. Download videos and save them on your hard drive instead.
  • Covert music on youtube to an audio file to play as background music on your presentations
  • Beat the censorship, for everyone teaching in more technologically conservative school districts, download videos at home and play them from a flash drive at school
  • Convert almost any file type for free and in a matter of seconds

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